Comprehensive analytics to help you gain a complete understanding of your business and customers. Our customer-centric solutions offer in-depth analysis of customer habits, performance assessment for processes, predictive forecasting, and more! With our powerful analytics services backing you up, maximize the potential growth opportunities within your venture today.

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An open source architecture for big data storage and processing. Instead of using a single huge computer to save and analyze large amounts of data, Hadoop allows clusters of computers to study massive quantities in parallel more quickly.

Apache HBase

A distributed, column-oriented database built on top of the Hadoop File System (HDFS), It is designed to provide quick, random access to large amounts to store and process data that don't fit well into traditional relational databases.

Apache Spark

A powerful open-source analytics engine that has been designed for fast, easy, and efficient data processing. Its in-memory architecture makes it ideal for real-time analytics and iterative machine learning, and its support for a wide range of programming languages means that it can be used by a diverse range of businesses.


In the business world, data is everything. The more accurate and insightful your data is, the better your chances of making sound decisions that lead to success. Apache Hive is a powerful data warehousing system that helps businesses to organize and analyze their data more efficiently.


Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe based durable messaging system. A messaging system sends messages between processes, applications, and servers. It is a software where topics can be defined, applications can add, process and reprocess records.


Data virtualization software aggregates structured and unstructured data sources for virtual viewing through a dashboard or visualization tool. The tools allows metadata about the data to be discoverable, but hides the complexities associated with accessing disparate data types from different sources.

Apache Kylin

Kylin offers a number of benefits for businesses, including the ability to connect to multiple data sources, query data in real time, and perform advanced analytics with heterogeneous formats supported.


Rundeck is an open-source tool that helps to define build, deploy and manage automation. It provides web console, CLI tools, and a Web API. It is written in Java and allows you to run tasks across a set of nodes. Role based access control policy gives more flexibility to manage different user access permissions.


Kibana is a data visualization and exploration tool used for log and time-series analytics, application monitoring, and operational intelligence use cases. It offers powerful and easy-to-use features such as histograms, line graphs, pie charts, heat maps, and built-in geospatial support.


Logstash is a light-weight, open-source, server-side data processing pipeline that allows you to collect data from a variety of sources, transform it on the fly, and send it to your desired destination. It is most often used as a data pipeline for Elasticsearch, an open-source analytics and search engine.


Providing distributed search and index replication, Solr is designed for scalability and fault tolerance. Solr is widely used for enterprise search and analytics use cases and has an active development community and regular releases. Solr runs as a standalone full-text search server.


Cloudera allows for a depth of data processing that goes beyond just data accumulation and storage. Cloudera's enhanced capabilities provide the power to rapidly and easily analyze data, while tracking and securing it across all environments.

MS PowerBI

Microsoft Power BI is used to run reports and surface insights based on a company's data. Power BI can connect to a wide range of data sets, and “tidies up” the info it's fed so that it can be better digested and understood. The reports and visuals generated from this data can then be shared with other users.


Tableau is an excellent data visualization and business intelligence tool used for reporting and analyzing vast volumes of data. It helps users create different charts, graphs, maps, dashboards, and stories for visualizing and analyzing data, to help in making business decisions.


Neo4j delivers the lightning-fast read and write performance you need, while still protecting your data integrity. It is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, scalable architecture optimized for speed, and ACID compliance to ensure predictability of relationship-based queries.


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