Here’s Why Android Apps Are More Popular

Android App Development Company

Although Apple was the first company to introduce the idea of the contemporary touchscreen smartphone to consumers, the market share of the iPhone has significantly declined since its launch. Android became the most widely used mobile operating system in the world in 2010, surpassing iOS in market share. 

To this day, Android still holds that title. Even though people may disagree on which operating system is superior. According to some android app development companies in the world, Android continues to hold around 80% of the global market share, so there’s no denying which is more well-liked. 

But why is Android so much more popular than iOS?Keep reading the blog to get answers to all your questions. 

To start with, let’s first understand what is meant by an “Android app.”

According to an Android app development company, an android application is a software application designed and developed for use on devices running the Android operating system, such as smartphones and tablets. The Android platform is based on the Linux kernel and offers a rich development environment for building innovative apps. Android apps are usually written in Java or Kotlin and are distributed through the Google Play Store, allowing users to easily download and install them on their devices. The vast majority of Android apps are free, although some premium apps are also available for purchase.

Android App Development Company

Now that we have read about Android, let’s understand the concept of iOS.

An iOS app is a software application designed and developed for use on devices running the iOS operating system, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS is a closed-source platform, developed and maintained by Apple Inc., and is known for its sleek and user-friendly interface. iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective-C and are distributed through the Apple App Store, which allows users to easily download and install them on their Apple devices. iOS apps come in a variety of forms, including free and paid apps, and offer a wide range of features and functionality to users. Because of the closed nature of the iOS platform, developers have limited access to the underlying system but are able to create highly polished, intuitive, and responsive apps that take full advantage of the capabilities of Apple devices.

According to some research, iOS only accounted for about 27.6 per cent of the market for mobile operating systems, while Android continued to hold the top spot as the most popular mobile operating system globally with a percentage of 71.8% in the fourth quarter of 2022. Though the debate over “whether iOS is better than Android” can never end as both platforms have their own pros and cons, here we have mentioned several reasons, according to both users and app developers, why Android is better than iOS.

The following are some of the reasons why Android apps are superior to iOS apps, as suggested by mobile users:

1. More mobile phone manufacturers use Android

The fact that more smartphone and device manufacturers choose Android as their operating system for their products and became android app development companies, is a major factor in the popularity of Android. iOS, on the other hand, is exclusive to iPhones and iPads produced by Apple.

What makes so many manufacturers choose Android and become android app development companies, then? In order to counter the release of the iPhone, Google, along with a number of mobile operators, software developers, and hardware manufacturers, established the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). This alliance made Android its preferred mobile platform and gave manufacturers access to its open-source code.

2. Android Devices Are Available in All Price Ranges 

The wide price range of Android devices is another important factor in why Android is more widely used than iOS. This is crucial in nations with weak dollar exchange rates and developing economies, where even Apple’s most affordable smartphone is still out of most people’s price range.

Due to their significantly lower prices, budget and mid-range, Android smartphones have been able to outperform the exclusivity-based marketing of the iPhone in these markets.

3. More Devices Are Compatible with Android

Although Apple has allowed some third-party devices into the iOS ecosystem, it is still a comparatively closed mobile platform. However, the ecosystem of Android-based wearables and accessories is much larger.

This means that you can use a Realme smartphone, a Xiaomi Home speaker, and an Oppo smartwatch all at the same time. Additionally, syncing devices and transferring data are much easier now.

4. Software and AI capabilities on Android have caught up.

In the beginning, Android lacked some of Apple’s software features, most notably a virtual assistant like Siri. The great voice control features of Google Assistant have made it a huge success, and as a result, Android has recently caught up in many areas.

While Google has introduced sophisticated AI to help automate your smart home, many apps that were previously iOS-only have now released Android versions. This has given Android users access to the same features that Apple users have enjoyed for years, and as a result, Android devices are now just as competitive in the smartphone market as iPhones.

5. There are more different Android devices available.

There are many more Android phones and tablets available because more manufacturers are choosing Android as their operating system. It also means that there are more options for devices from which to choose.

Each year, Apple releases a predetermined number of iPhone and iPad models. We typically see two to three new iPhone models and three to four new iPad models each year. This implies that an Apple fan must wait another year for a new iteration if they don’t like the products released during a particular year. However, Android devices are more open to more intriguing experimentation and have a wider range of form factors and manufacturer-specific features. Licensees are free to design any hardware they want because Android is open-source.

This was about mobile users and their points of view. Let’s now talk about the preferences of app developers. According to some app developers at mobile app development companies, including Evolfinity, an Android app development company in Bangalore, the reasons below are some of the reasons why Android apps are more popular.

Android apps are more popular from the perspective of app developers at some leading Android app development companies for several reasons:

  • Large user base: Android app development companies say that the Android operating system has a much larger user base than any other mobile platform, making it a more attractive market for app developers. This means that developers can reach a broader audience by building apps for Android.
  • Open-source platform: Android is an open-source platform, which means that developers have access to the source code and can freely modify it to meet their specific needs. This level of customization and control makes Android a more flexible and appealing platform for developers.
  • Affordable development tools: Android development tools, such as Android Studio, are freely available and relatively easy to use, even for those without extensive programming experience. This low barrier to entry makes it easier for developers to get started with Android app development.
  • Growing demand for mobile apps: According to, Evolfinity, a leading android app development company, with the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, there is a growing demand for mobile apps. As a result, more and more developers are turning to Android app development to meet this demand and reach a large, engaged user base.
  • Google Play Store: The Google Play Store, which is the primary distribution platform for Android apps, has a large user base and is well-established. This means that developers can easily distribute and monetize their apps through the store, making Android a more attractive platform for app development from a business perspective.

The bottom line:

This is all about the reasons why Android is more popular than iOS. It will help you understand what Android is, why all companies are becoming Android app development companies, and how to choose the best Android app development company. 

If you’ve come here looking for an Android app development company that provides a variety of mobile app development, web development, and other services, you’ve come to the right place. Evolfinity is one of India’s leading Android app development companies and provides the best web development, mobile app development, and related services.

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