‘6D’​ Framework to Drive Superior Efficiency in Development

‘6D’​ Framework to Drive Superior Efficiency in Development

In today’s challenging businesses, the ability to collect, process and interpret information in ‘Digital’ is perhaps obvious and is too often the competitive advantage. Therefore having the best IT professionals on your team makes a complete differentiating factor. IT professionals that guarantee results every time in every situations. The IT Professionals who innovate and the IT Professionals that you can trust on.

At Evolfinity, the business strategies established over building-up the systems, right from “business consulting” to “solutions” are benefiting individuals and businesses in many different aspects, which eventually making our clients being confident and paramount.

6D Framework — Evolfinity

These have been designed to not only be the significant value propositions for clients, but also provide competitive edge in the market.


Defining a requirement in well stated fashion is half solved, understanding and getting the better clarity around the business challenges and the requirements leads to uncover the solutions with superior efficiency across business processes, business operations in every verticals and industries. We make the objectives defining exactly what it is we need to do, and setting up a plan to accomplish it.


Having defined and generated insights, the next step is to understand what are the data source’s and the right tools which need to be processed concurrently with business logic, determining metrics (KPIs) and calculations needed to come up with targeted solutions against posed requirements.


Now that we have a better idea about the requirements, we mobilize further with actions to design the end-to-end system: prototyping, functional and technical architecture, debugging, deployment plan and formulate with the appropriate solution. We work with you and/or your team to make sure we all are on the same page aligned with business goals to build right solution.


This stage focuses on building and moving all design into action. Development is a highly iterative process. It is so obvious to circle back through all the 6D’s several times until and unless we accomplish right results built. Perhaps we might discover a digressing results from the actual intended results from a module, this would lead us to clarify requirements and revisit the design, prior to committing changes in development activities. It’s a complete dynamic and agile process with scrum and Kanban methodologies.


Now that we have our systems built and ready to get deployed in production environment. Deployment architectures varies materially, our established 4-tier architecture in the order of execution: Development, Testing, QA (Quality Assurance) and Production, this process includes single/phased rollouts, depends on the system, significant size, platform and the environment.


Defining and determining the requirements, designing the prototype, developing the system in action and deploying it for production is one challenging and compelling part of the entire execution, however, on the other hands, in many respects, delivering the system is the prime and most prominent segment, we understand your end-customers use the built system for consumption, so making it handy, manageable, simple, feasible and CX are our core values of serving our customers.

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