What are The Major Advantages Of Android App Development For Your Business?

Android App Development Company

When it comes to developing mobile solutions for businesses or enterprises, established companies have the advantage of having the resources to develop branded applications on multiple mobile platforms simultaneously. However, for smaller businesses and startups, limited resources and timeframes can make it difficult to launch apps on multiple platforms at once. As a result, they often have to choose a single platform, usually either iOS or Android, for their initial app launch. Making the right decision can be critical for the success or failure of their endeavour, which is why partnering with an experienced android app development company can be beneficial. A professional android app development company can help small businesses and startups navigate the complexities of the mobile app development process, ensuring a successful launch and long-term growth.

As an Android app development company, you should know that businesses are increasingly leveraging mobile applications to expand their strategies and connect with a wider customer base. Android OS currently dominates a significant portion of the mobile app development market. By harnessing the capabilities of Android apps for your business, you can gain an edge over your competitors. It is projected that the demand for Android app development services will continue to surge in the upcoming years, presenting tremendous growth opportunities for your android app development company.

In today’s world, it’s commonplace for people to own a smartphone. The general public relies on mobile applications for various purposes, making them a significant part of the E-business industry. Developing a simple mobile app can help your company grow quickly. While you may still have a long way to go to succeed in your market, custom android application development can help you get there. Android app development has become a must for most businesses, and partnering with an experienced android app development company in Bangalore can provide a wealth of new opportunities for your business. By utilizing the expertise of a custom android app development company, you can build a tailored mobile app that meets your specific business needs and sets you apart from the competition.

Android App Development Company

Android app development for businesses can offer important organisational and strategic benefits. But it’s important to take a step back and consider your needs and app goals before your business jumps on the mobile app bandwagon. Working with an established android app development company will enable you to identify the various market advantages of mobile app development and focus on the options that are most suitable for your company. Once you’ve determined the advantages, you can use them to strengthen your marketing initiatives and realise specific corporate goals. Working with a reputable android app development company will help you make sure your app is specifically designed to meet the needs of your company and promote growth.

Why does your business need an app? 

A few years ago, the question facing businesses was, “Do I need a website for my business?” Now that we have all converged on the internet, the issue has taken on a new shape. Can I invest in a business app? As smartphones have become no less than an extension of our bodies, mobile apps have become the most effective means for keeping consumers up to date with your business activities. Partnering with an experienced android app development company can help you leverage this trend and create an app that keeps your business in front of your customers 24/7.

  • Users are glued to their devices, making apps the most popular way for mobile application development companies to gain exposure and brand their products. By partnering with a custom android app development company, you can create an app that showcases your products and offers a better user experience.

  • With social media up and running, businesses focus more on advertising, and having an app for your business will help you leverage a broader client base and keep your company name in your customers’ palms for 24 hours. An android app development company in Bangalore can help you build an app that is omnipresent and offers better advertising across various communication channels.

  • Apps are more successful than websites in terms of staying linked to users because they offer 24/7 availability. Your executives can’t always be available and reachable during the day, but an app can keep your customers engaged around the clock. By partnering with a custom android application development company, you can create an app that builds your reputation by showcasing your company’s technological viewpoint and creating a positive impression in the minds of your customers.

If you find yourself grappling with this decision and unsure whether an Android-based product will be beneficial for your business growth, this article can help. 

Here are some of the major advantages of Android app development:

  • Greater Market Reach

Targeting the platform with the highest number of potential users makes sense when building mobile apps or games for the general public. Android OS has a global market dominance, with a 70-80% market share over the past five years. Android is also available on a variety of vendors’ devices, which tend to be more affordable than iPhones. These factors allow brands to deploy products for Android mobile devices in multiple ways, including third-party app marketplaces and their own distribution and sales channels, providing greater flexibility for promotional strategies and potentially less competition compared to Apple’s App Store.

  • Profitability

Android OS makes about the same amount of money as Apple if you add up revenue from Google Play, Amazon, and Chinese app stores. Android apps can be on par with iOS apps in most categories, in terms of both initial app downloads and in-app purchases. Android’s larger user base can also support applications with increased ad revenue, and advertising costs are generally lower, meaning businesses can advertise to more Android users than Apple users with the same budget. Android developers pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution, resulting in low investment and increased engagement among users, leading to a higher ROI.

  • Google Play Store

Apps and games deployed to the Google Play Store are available to users within hours, while apps on the App Store can take days to be approved. Google Play also allows developers to push updates within 20 minutes to an hour, making it more suitable for new apps and games that developers may need to polish, fix, and update several times a day in response to user feedback. Additionally, developers can release products as alpha and/or beta versions available to a selected group of testers or users, refining the product before its final release. Android app development also facilitates the gradual or staged rollout of updates, with the ability to monitor feedback and crash reports before increasing the percentage of users with access to the app or game. Having a product on the Google Play Store can also place your brand in Google’s app indexing library, which can increase your rank in Google through clicks and gestures on the app.

  • Extremely Modifiable 

In terms of customizability and versatility, the Android platform surpasses its Apple counterpart. Android devices can be completely redesigned to fit the business model and daily operations of enterprises, offering high levels of customization. This allows businesses to fully replace their current apps with a few Android devices, resulting in a more stable and business-oriented system.

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is essential to keep the app up to date with the required features. Android’s ease of customization is advantageous in this regard. Adding or changing features as needed in Android is easier compared to the iOS platform. Evolfinity, an Android app development company, can quickly create a business app that meets the customer’s needs.

Customizing websites with ease can save companies time and money. It also helps reduce the TTM (Time to Market) to remain competitive in an ever-increasing market. Therefore, by adapting to evolving market requirements, companies can profit from targeting a broader consumer base.

  • Advantages of the Android OS

With the Android operating system, businesses can take advantage of the services offered by thousands of devices from different manufacturers, including smart TVs, wearables, and media streaming devices. Android app development can be carried out on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and the platform’s open-source nature enables developers to collaborate and share source code with the Android developer community, without any licensing costs or royalties. Hiring an experienced android app development company can provide more flexibility in building features and functions that will please the target audience, and the app development process can be easier and faster, saving money.

Google is dedicated to providing a customizable user interface and supporting the creation of custom Android apps for businesses. Android developers can easily update data management functions and multimedia tools, and all Google services’ data, such as Google Maps and Drive, are integrated into the platform, enhancing the user experience and expanding the user base. Android Studio and other toolkits simplify the Android app development process, and the pool of developers for an Android project is much larger, as any developer who knows Java can create Android applications. Native Android apps are typically developed by an experienced android app development company.

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