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How to Engage?

Every project is a unique project, and hence – requires very special and dedicated treatment. Besides the critical triangle of cost, time and scope – the working model between the client and the agency also plays a crucial part in balancing the former. That’s why, we have a very robust, yet simple models – that are extremely flexible and client-centric inside.


Constrained Budget

If you have a well defined project story, and complete scope ready, we can give you a fixed cost and projected timeline.


Evolving Scope

Best suited when you have a blueprint of a large project OR an ongoing project that needs continuous enhancements – where iterations are eminent. We compose for you the best in class team having multiple skills – who works closely with you just like your own remote team.

When to choose

Constrained Budget Engagement

Very clear scope and stable set of requirements that isn’t likely to change throughout the project

Can define clear long term milestones – irrespective of the working models chosen (i.e. Agile or Waterfall)

At times, works best when you’re working under a tight budget as well, to stay focused on extremely critical features you cannot compromise with.

When you have less time to spend with development team, so that you can focus on business side of your venture.

When to choose

Constrained Budget Engagement

The Scope is defined very briefly and the requirements are very likely to change throughout the project

Can define clear short term milestones – depending on the working model chosen (i.e. Agile or Waterfall)

Works best when you’re ready to go into multiple iterations for a given feature and fine tune it by inspecting all the possible aspects.

When you have more time to spend with development team, by sharing clear objectives and goals so that they are always in sync with you.

Transparent Workflow

Flexible at the core. Organized to stay in sync.


Product Owner

Project Manager

Business Analyst



System Architect

UI/UX Designer


Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer


Solution Architect

QA Engineer




Data Administrator





Support Manager

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