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Digital Agility in every Industry

As we continue to digitize every aspect of our lives, we believe organizations must become more digital agile to keep up with the latest trends and meet customer expectations. To do this, they need to integrate technology into every aspect of the customer experience. This means using data and analytics to create personalized experiences, using automation to scale services, and using artificial intelligence to transform industries.


Banking & Finance

Embrace the future of banking with our digital strategy, technical know-how, and worldwide delivery approach.

  • Automating processes and improving collaboration, enables faster decision-making and improved customer service
  • Provides the fastest, simplest and most secure way for banks and other financial institutions to enable their customers to transact business on mobile devices.
  • Platform helps customers quickly develop, deploy and manage multiple mobile channels including apps, websites, SMS/MMS and social media.
  • Offers a true open architecture which allows rapid integration with legacy systems as well as new applications and services.
  • Accelerate transformation at the intersection of business, technology, and experience


Enable your customers to connect the digital manufacturing process of goods with the consumer experience, delivering revenue and profitability.

  • Provides the agility that modern manufacturers need to survive and thrive in today’s disruptive economy.
  • Platform enables digital transformation through a unique combination of smart machines, big data, and artificial intelligence.
  • Powerful mix gives you the ability to make real-time decisions that improve quality, throughput, and efficiency.
  • Improve quality control and throughput thanks to seamless digital integration of processes.
  • Get real-time production data for informed decision-making and better results.
  • Lower costs by automating manual tasks and eliminating waste.

Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

Transform your CPG value chain and enhance consumer intimacy by leveraging digital consulting and IT services.

As new and developing technologies and consumer demands cause waves in the supply chain, one thing is clear: it's never been more vital to understand your clients. We're talking about things beyond demands and needs. CPG industries must fully comprehend customers' expectations both now and in the future.

Consumers' expectations, not advertisers', drive consumption. Consumers demand transparency and control in their purchases. This is a central characteristic of genuine consumer intimacy: producing on your brand promise while meeting the demands of the individual customer—from subscriptions and same-day delivery to anticipating latent needs and events.

  • This agility is made possible by our unique combination of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
  • Platform that enables our clients to quickly adapt to changes in consumer behavior and market conditions.

Transportation, Logistics & Freight

We solve transportation challenges by delivering integrated technology solutions that move people and stuff more quickly, affordably, and safely.

  • Provide the first digital freight platform that enables shippers, 3PLs, carriers and brokers to connect, collaborate and transact in a secure environment.
  • end-to-end visibility of the entire shipment cycle from booking through delivery while helping to reduce cost and improving service.
  • Digital freight network helps customers improve agility and respond quickly to market changes for competitive advantage.
  • Scale the disruption with the power of digital transformation.

Travel & Hospitality & Real Estate

Transform your current business and elevate your customer experiences with Evolfinity’s Travel & Hospitality technology consulting and services.

  • Transform your business methods to create a healthy, new, and resilient travel industry.
  • Bring consumers back, and prepare for business recovery by implementing the appropriate processes, technology, and people approaches.
  • Real estate companies must anticipate and plan ahead, utilizing digital, data, and technology to survive and Thrive.
  • More customers are using social media to engage and interact with their favorite brands. This is driving the need for more effective marketing strategies, including enhanced engagement and personalization of customer experiences.
  • Experience innovative technology & industry 4.0 with better customer connections and communication to drive digital transformation.


Digitisation is affecting all industries across the globe, and healthcare is no exception. In order to keep up with the pace of change, healthcare organisations need to be digitally agile. This means being able to quickly adapt to new technology and use it to transform the way they do business.

  • Solutions that provides the needed foundation for data governance, management and analytics.
  • See improvements in care quality, patient safety and operational efficiency.
  • Speed to market and time to value - with fewer customizations and faster implementation, our digital agility in healthcare business can get you up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your existing workflows.
  • Lower total cost of ownership - our solutions are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance requirements, so your TCO will be lower than with other providers.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems - we understand that your IT infrastructure is critical to your success, so our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your current environment.
  • Acquire and retain patients, improve outcomes, reduce cost of care, and enhance the patient experience.

Media & Entertainment

Drive next-gen viewer experiences with digital media consulting and IT services .

  • We enable media companies to connect with their audiences, optimize processes, and generate non-linear income.
  • Speed to market: Reduce time to market by 50% or more.
  • We assist publishers in creating new revenue streams by delivering customized content across digital platforms.
  • Expertise in buyer journey insights, asset management and manufacturing, as well as optimized marketing operations, are all part of our services.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automate redundant tasks and increase efficiency 3-10x.
  • Scale Agility: Add or remove capacity on demand to manage peaks and valleys in work volume.
  • Improved Quality: Deliver high quality content at scale.


Telecom IT consulting and solutions are vital to accelerate 5G product and service rollouts.

  • We provide resilient product engineering and innovative customer onboarding to telecom OEMs to give them a competitive advantage.
  • We assist CSPs in delivering outstanding customer experience as well as accelerating 5G deployment and configuration.
  • We assist telecom ISVs in adopting new business models (IoT/M2M), incorporating new technologies 5G, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Offers a feature-rich platform with functionality that rivals traditional on premise solutions but with the added benefits of flexibility, scalability and lower costs.


IT consulting and solutions top help knowledge-based companies, helping them navigate change and advance digital transformation.

  • We use technology to enhance events by taking advantage of complex data from the connected campus and intelligent platforms.
  • Provides personalized learning paths for each student, fostering a love of learning and preparing them for the future workplace.
  • Educators have access to real-time data analytics and can adjust their teaching methods on the fly for better student outcomes.
  • Students can attend school from anywhere in the world at any time that works for them – making lifelong learning possible at any stage of life.
  • We empower you to rethink your business models, speed innovation, improve agility, and navigate digital change.

Info Services & Professional Services

Info services and professional services are two industries that have been particularly transformed by digitisation. In the past, these industries relied heavily on paper-based processes and manual labour. However, with the advent of digital technologies, they have been able to scale up their operations and provide new levels of service to their clients.

  • Reduced risk by quickly deploying agile processes in IT, EA, Consulting, Operations, etc.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with faster response to changing needs and expectations.
  • Increased employee productivity through use of modern toolsets and processes.
  • helps you work smarter, not harder – by automating simple but time-consuming tasks and processes, you can focus on what really matters.


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